California / Cuisine / Food

Landing in California!

I landed in California about a week ago and it’s been real relaxing. I’ve missed my boo! Borderline bored when he’s not home but I’m not worried. Eventually I’ll be so bored I might job hunt. I’ll find motivation, somewhere.

Anyway! I landed in the early A.M. and neither of us ate breakfast so he took me to Canter’s Deli. It was a delicious breakfast and we both ate until we were too full. The place was cute and had a nice deli at the front and tons of pastries! I wanted some but we ate all our food..

I had the corned beef hash with rye toast and cottage cheese, yummy! He had a huge slab of ham, french toast, hash browns, AND bacon!

He also greeted me with a beautiful bouquet of roses :) and put it on his table with my crocheted Angry Birds collection!


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