It was my birthday

It was my birthday! We just ate a lot of food the whole day… but it was great!

One of the things I really wanted to do was go to this spice shop. I was hoping it’d be cheap because freaking Whole Foods were selling small, dinky boxes of spices for $3.99 and I was not having any of that!

Penzey's Spice Shop

Santa Monica's Penzey's Spice Shop!

And it was the most wonderful place ever.

There was every kind of spice there and the smallest jars spices were IN jars and only a couple dollars versus the small plastic boxes I had to buy. I want to live beside it~~~~~


After that, Andrew dragged me to the Santa Monica beach again. We crossed a bridge over Ocean Ave. no big deal, but the stairs, there were so many… and we were going to have to go up on the way back T___T

We were walking on the sidewalk and I suggested going to the actual water. However, once we started walking, we realized how hot, and far away it was and we gave up halfway through. I mean, look at that huge stretch in front of Andrew! We just sat there instead and watched other people make it farther than us.

He gave me a choice: a huge slope up or stairs. I chose the stairs and got fed bangers and hash at a British pub. It was very yummy :)

For dinner he took me to Furaibo where it’s Japanese “tapas.” What that actually meant was just.. a normal Japanese dinner but you just had to order everything separately. We just ordered korokke, karaage, braised duck, and beef sashimi just to test it out and see how it is.

Biggest mistake eveeeeeeer.

An Asian couple sat after us, didn’t speak Japanese but ordered a shit ton of bbq stuff. They got their food in the span of time that Andrew and I got the korokke. They got to eat, pay their bill, and leave all before we got our last dish. Which never even came because they forgot about it. So we said forget the beef sashimi and then waited 30 more minutes for the bill. The Asian couple had left when the table on the other side of them complained about waiting for their bill for the past 30 minutes as well.

I don’t know if it had to do with the fact that they yelled, “英語メニュー!” when they sat us down… but if it did, that’s pretty much just a lot of bullshit.


Since we were sad, we went to Yogurtland next door and look, they have Sanrio designs for the summer! Starting today, they’ll have the bunny and Keropi spoons too~ I’m so excited 8)


2 thoughts on “It was my birthday

  1. OMgosh May that Tapas Japanese restaurant sounded like quite the adventure!! Those tapas restaurants are really good at bringing in the profits w/their small dish menus. Its great b/c people like to try a variety but it can also be pricey and *shock* they can forget a whole small dish! BOO! Looks like poor service to me, in the kitchen and on the serving staff, there goes the tip!

    • Seriously, the profit they are making has to be off the chain insane. It was super expensive for a small plate of karaage and Bento Zanmai did it better! I had a hard time ordering because I didn’t know what to get because all the dishes sounded so… boring. I understand simple Japanese cuisine but when the whole menu was like… D: Like $5 for tsukemono? No sanks! Andrew did inhale the duck though, and the beef sashimi that we were looking forward to the most never even made it :<

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