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I made dough! I’m a chef!

I’ve made dough! Whole wheat dough at that!

It’s ALIVE!!

Expanding whole wheat dough

I’ve always wanted to make my own loaf of bread but I never had the guts because theĀ  process just sounds way too much work. That and yeast is scary. The water can’t be too cold or else it doesn’t liveeee! The water can’t be too hot because it dies. And I’m not dedicated enough to buy a thermometer just for water, psh.

So I was trolling through bread recipes on Foodgawker because being in California and having all this time usually leads to a lot of cooking. I wanted something whole wheat since Andrew and I just stuff our face a lot, and that it takes sooo much more to make Andrew full. I went with what was easiest and whole wheat.

The baguette that can kill

Ta-dah! It became bread! It wasn’t very hard to make since it only had about four ingredients. For the water, I lucked out again! I tried with Andrew’s oven thermometer but when I touched it, it seemed way too hot to be 110 degrees. So I just kept touching the water with my finger until it was warm/lukewarm. I’m a scientist!

This batch, though, was pretty salty. Not to mention when I took it out, it was dense enough to knock a man out.

Not only could it make a baguette though, it was also perfect for…

Three kinds of pizzas!



Granted, the lady had these directions to make it a circle and whatever but what I ended up doing was taking a non-stick baking sheet, putting some olive oil, and just smushing the dough until it covered the whole thing. It was crispy, and a little chewy and soooo surprisingly good!

To also prove to Andrew that the things I cooked weren’t always smothered with butter, which it rarely is so he’s clearly crazy, I portioned everything out! So the dough recipe can make 4 loaves, and I made each loaf 4 servings, so each fourth of a baguette was 176 calories. So a fourth of that huge pizza? 176 calories + toppings. Just remember, it’s better than Dominos.

And lemme tell you, when I say this dough is dense, it is deeeeense. A slice already had me almost full and I pushed it too far by having two. Andrew on the other hand, had four slices and some of the baguette… o_O

Be adventurous with me friends! Make a bat made of whole wheat bread: Light Whole Wheat Baguette


2 thoughts on “I made dough! I’m a chef!

  1. I have always wanted to make real bread! It does seem like the true sign of a good cook, doesn’t it?! Haha. Your pizza’s look fantastic too!

    • I like to think so! :^) I mean, making bread without a bread machine? It’s up there for proud moments! And I hope you find that perfect recipe for when you decide to make bread. Maybe it’ll be this one..? I feel like I might have done something wrong since the original recipe is called “LIGHT Whole Wheat Baguette” but I’m happy with my first try, It kept me very full..

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