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National History Museum in Los Angeles County!

Natural History Museum entrance

I kept seeing signs for the new dinosaur exhibit all over L.A. and since I’ve never seen dinosaur bones at a museum, I cried until I got my way.

Just  kidding, we didn’t have anything better to do and museums are fun.


The dinosaur hall was extremely crowded and the exhibit itself seemed smooshed in. We got surveyed at the end of the tour and I wish I would have told them to expand the thing. Too many interesting things in one hall.

The might T-REX demands your attention

There were a bunch of different sized But they were smaller than I thought they would be :< I thought it would be as big as the New York Museum makes it look. But maybe that’s small too…

Stegosaurus is pretty.. Is it a stegosaurus? I don't remember.

This was the prettiest dinosaur, I think it’s because when you think dinosaurs, this is one that I usually think of.

The only cool dinosaur there, the neck was sooooooooo long!

The best dinosaur was the one with the long neck! His neck… was really, reaaaaally long. It was the only dinosaur that really made me feel small and like they could actually stomp me. It was awesomeeee!

The BEST skeleton we saw at the museum, whaaaaaale!


Best. Exhibit. Ever.

We stepped inside and it was silent and empty. Then suddenly you hear the whale sound echo and bounce around the room.


It was bigger than ANY of the dinosaurs we saw and this was exactly what I thought the dinosaurs should have been like! It was beautiful.

Giant man eating fish. It was horrifying.

When we got out of the mammals exhibit, there was a box that looked like the ones that carry ice cream at the gas station. It did not have ice cream. It had the scariest fucking fish I have ever seen. I couldn’t even take a full picture of it! I couldn’t fully illustrate how big it’s mouth is with a picture… It could fit a human head and a half in it’s mouth. There was also another fish display of a terrifying eel thing that’s usually found in like the deep, deep depths of the ocean. Also huge and terrifying.

I think these were scary because they were in containers with water so you can see the dimensions of them instead of being mounted on a wall.


Delicious bento box!

Since we were downtown, Andrew wanted to take me to his favorite ramen place but the line was crazy long and we were crazy hungry. I saw a sign for lunch specials and pulled him into a restaurant. It was a pretty badass lunch deal: miso soup and a bento box of salad, tempura, a California roll, and I choose tonkatsu… that had three layers of it in the box! o_O

That ramen place though.. we went back a couple days ago to try when Andrew’s friend came to visit and there was an even longer line! OMG! We have to get in. I must have it!

Simon's ancestors were on display...

Side note, I saw Simon’s family at the museum. The proud sea lion! It was adorable and made me miss Simon. Hi Simon!


One thought on “National History Museum in Los Angeles County!

  1. I love how you went from giant man-eating fish to bento box.

    Also, that pic of Andrew is the best thing evar.

    Keep these coming! This is the only fun in my life right now LOL

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