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Porto’s Bakery

So when Andrew first introduced me to his friends, it was at a BBQ so naturally food was a favorite topic. ( it natural? I don’t care.) Everyone, everyone raved about this place called Porto’s Bakery. While I was intrigued, I wasn’t really sold on it quite yet.

They talked about the potato balls that were less than a dollar, and the delicious sandwiches and how you could get both for about $5. I was curious by then but then they said it’s always crowded. And I don’t know how but I imagined it was this small dinky, crowded, smelly bakery. That had good food.

Last weekend, we were in Burbank to watch Captain America and he showed me where he worked and the WB studios (OMGGGG!). Then it was lunch time and it was nearby so we went.

Loooong line that went very quickly

IT WAS HUGE! The place was like, a really pretty, modern bakery! I think with a second floor! The line was very long but went quickly. Probably because they fed you in the line.

A lady came by and offered us these raspberry filled cookies which was buttery, soft, light, and so very good. I don’t even like raspberries that much but once you reached the middle, NOM NOM NOM! And then not a minute later, another lady comes by and gives us some cheese pastry. It had the texture of the best croissant ever with a cheese filling. It was flaky, and crusty, and soft, and OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Andrew cried. Okay, he didn’t but we both were inside.

By the time we got to the front of the line I was debating on getting like, six of everything and sandwiches but I narrowed it down to four potato balls, two ham croquettes, a cubano sandwich, and ropa vieja sandwich for Andrew.

The potato balls.. T_________________T

The delicious potato balls… (Picture from by Elizabeth S.)

These balls are mashed potatoes filled with meat and fried.


Andrew was looking at me and said I ordered way too much and I was too excited. Um, we ate them so fast I forgot to take a picture. They were crunchy, and creamy. And so very good…

The ham croquettes was like a ham salad, portable version. It was delicious but the potato balls stole the spotlight.

No, that’s wrong. That cheese pastry was the best. We kept saying how good everything is but then Andrew would go, “..but that cheese pastry…” and then his eyes would roll into the back of his head.

Cuban Sandwich! Meat galore~

My cubano sandwich was pretty freaking delicious. Meats! MEATS! But the bread, omg. I don’t usually care but the bread was soft but crusty on the outside. Not the kind of crusty that hurts but the kind that is crunchy but still soft. It came with plantain chips that I didn’t care for.

Andrew wouldn’t even let me take a bite of his sandwich until he finished half first.

The face of greed.

LOL I’m just kidding, he wasn’t being greedy.

Actually, he was. He really didn’t wanna share his first half and then let me have the second… lol. He just liked his more than mine. And halfway through, he was put it down and said he was going on a diet and he wasn’t going to finish his sandwich.

I said fine and kept going.

Then he picked it back up and finished it.

We regret nothing.


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