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Daikokuya (大黒家)

Yes, another food post. In my defense, I was in Los Angeles… and Andrew and I love to eat.

More importantly, I wanted to share a most wonderous adventure with you all. It’s a little, and I mean little, place called DAIKOKUYA!

Let me explain. The place is ye big:

Inside, a ramen bar? It’s cute!

That’s right, I took a picture of the whooooole restaurant with my phone.

Okay, there are booth seats you can’t see on the right but that’s it! THAT. IS. IT. Andrew and I got in on the third try.

The third. Try.

The first time we tried, the line was long and we were hungry. I would have said let’s try but I was really hungry. The second time we tried, it was later at night with his good friend Emily. It was a long wait, hungry, pass. The third try, we ate dinner at like, 4, and went to this place at around 10pm.

We had to try at 10pm and we got out of there by midnight. Mind you, it probably only took us 30 minutes to slurp our food so most of that was the wait. AN HOUR AND A HALF! You can’t make reservations and when you sign up, they will pass you if you’re not outside waiting. Sometimes that’s what makes the line go fast, because people wander away to kill time and lose their place. Now, why such a long wait? Is it really worth it?

Yes. Yes it is.

And I am kind of impatient when it comes to food.

Daikoku ramen, kotteri flavored. That is what is glistening.

That. That is what everyone lines up for and waits for hours! It’s the Daikoku ramen.

I mean, they have a full menu and all but that is what everyone gets and then other things to nibble. The last time we went, we both got combos because I was curious and demanded to try the other dishes. We both got the daikoku ramen, but this time it had the kotteri flavor. What is that? It means the broth is richer, and fatty, and delicious. Mind you, the broth is delicious without that flavor and when paired with the fried rice, the richness was a bit much. But I’m jumping ahead. I wanna talk about this bowl of goodness.

It has nice, chewy ramen with really, really freaking good broth. It has three slices of the softest, meltiest pork I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting in my mouth. It had a soft boiled egg, bamboo shoots, and a mountain of green onions.


Moving on, since we got the combo, they started us out with a salad. It was made of cabbage and that creamy dressing every Japanese restaurant seems to make, but it was soft cabbage and very good. I ordered fried rice with my ramen because a booth of people told me to last time and I got curious. You take a spoonful of it and dip it in the broth and oh my. But after a while, with the kotteri flavored ramen, it was too rich for me so I think it would have been better with just normal. Andrew got the tuna sashimi bowl and while it was also very tasty, the ramen was the star and all these were just minions.

A happy boy!

Andrew knows I put his ridiculous pictures up on this blog.

Well, he knows I put pictures of him on this blog. Maybe he doesn’t know they’re these… muahahaha!


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