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Metropolis Exhibit at LACMA

Metropolis II

Metropolis II at LACMA

Last weekend we visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Andrew had heard of the Metropolis exhibit from his dad so we went to check it out on a lazy, gloomy Saturday.

The view of Los Angeles outside of LACMA

After parking, we went up this huge escalator that took us to the third floor of one of the building exhibits. It had a really pretty view! We then tried to walk in and realized we had to buy tickets.. :B

The Japanese art exhibit at LACMA and Andrew doing a model strut

There were like, 6 or so art buildings and one of them was a Japanese exhibit! The art itself was so-so but the building was very pretty! It had a more flowy ramps that took you to different artwork versus just up and down elevators and escalators. Just past this exhibit was the La Brea Tar Pits. It looked cool, I just imagined it darker and better.

Since we had parking for the day, we crossed the street to grab some lunch. And since it was also by Andrew’s old workplace, he took me to The Counter for burgers, mmmmmm…

The Counter Chili Cheese Fries

Chili cheese fries from The Counter

We ordered chili cheese fries instead of just fries because it sounded better. It was okay, the fries were just way too thin to stand up against the chili.

The Counter Burger

Custom burger from The Counter

Then came the burger! So what I did like about this place was how it really was up to you how the burger is made. There was a piece of paper where you checked off the things you wanted, like how big a burger, bun, toppings, cheese, etc. I chose the 1/3 pound patty(the smallest) with a multi-grain bun and gruyere cheese. I asked for sprouts, red onion, a lettuce mix, and green chile on mine with a roasted garlic aioli.

It was good, nothing out of the ordinary. The patty was not greasy but not very flavorful either. The combination of my toppings added variety and flavor to mine but Andrew’s was really bland. He asked for swiss, caramelized onions, spinach, and some other thing that didn’t help. We both got the aioli but it had no taste! It was like… a less satisfying mayonnaise.

Afterwards, we got to line up for the big exhibit! Woo!

I actually had no idea what it was going to be so I was surprised. It’s like a very intricate, giant matchbox race track. There were a lot of cars in it going 250 mph and a man in the middle with ear plugs on to make sure there were no accidents.

Metropolis II: Side view of Metropolis II

The Taj Mahal of Metropolis II

Metropolis II: Beautiful buildings!

It was really neat to look at! Apparently I made the security people nervous by getting too close to paintings, but this was the one thing I really wanted to look at closer. But there was a huge crowd of people so all I could do was take it in as a whole. We got to see a lot of abstract art, expressionist art that we didn’t understand, paintings, and that big condom dog from the Latex commercials.

Then we went downtown, bought stuff at the Asian market, and had home made sushi that night!

Great day : )


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