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IKEA and IOTA Cafe

Nephew’s future room..? at IKEA

After watching Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy (which was awesome), we wandered to the IKEA at Burbank and I found the most adorable lights ever!

So cute when lit at IKEA

Don’t they look like they’re singing? An adorable trio, singing you to sleep.

Adorable night light blog at IKEA

They even fit in the palm of your hand! This one was kind of like a touch light though. He didn’t have cords like the other ones and he didn’t light up for very long. Seems like he got played with a little too much..

So possibly the same weekend, we hung out with some of Andrew’s friends. I got to try Orochon Ramen finally! It’s the same place of that Man VS Food episode with the hot ramen. Andrew took that challenge…

Orochon Ramen Challenge captured by the wonderful Magdalena W.

He regretted it. He didn’t finish it but he tried. They give you 30 minutes to finish the bowl and when that time was up, he kept going. He then realized they gave you 30 minutes because after that, the burning liquid that is in your stomach starts to bubble something fierce. I tried the IMPACT ramen, 4 levels below the hottest. I thought it was going to be tolerable because it was a little above the middle, so a light spice. I might have also wanted to prove to myself that maybe, just maybe, Andrew was just being a wuss about heat.

I was so wrong. My mouth was tingling and I didn’t get to enjoy my ramen :<

After, his friend suggested a coffee shop that had great drinks and yummy dessert. She was also on a Korean pop kick and said they play it on speakers so we headed on over to IOTA Coffee & Bakery.

The refrigerated cakes at IOTA Coffee & Bakery

The cafe displayed very pretty desserts like pastries and bags of cookies. They had a really big, extensive menu, both for food and drinks like coffees and smoothies. I didn’t have anything so I can’t speak for the quality but the thing that really stood out to me was the service.

Awful, awful service.

No one greeted us or anything at the front, which is fine because it left us to walk around. I figured it was like most cafes, where you order at the cash register then take a seat. But then a waitress with an attitude, and poorly colored hair (gurl, that orange color is not doing you any favors), told us if we wanted something, we had to go sit. So we sat down. And got ignored.

After standing there and just… looking at nothing, she finally came over and took our order. And to try and pay? I was having flashbacks of Furaibo. We had to flag her down to get the check and then pretty much chase her down to get it picked back up again. I don’t care how entertaining the big screens are with dancing Korean girls, I’m not interested in going back again.

Andrew looking like a bona-fide creeper, complete with girl in shorts on a big screen at IOTA Coffe & Bakery

Did I mention how many TVs there were? That place was just glowing! They played Korean pop music videos so we had long discussions about Korean culture.

And don’t let Andrew scare you away. He was on this kick of trying to grow a mustache like Ron Swanson and this was the glorious beginning. He gave up on it after he realized how creepy he looked.

Plus, only Ron Swanson can pull of the Ron Swanson mustache.


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