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Parsley, Cilantro, and Almond Pesto

Herb Pesto!

This has been the most awesome help for meals this week.

I had a bunch of parsley and cilantro left from last week and I knew I wasn’t going to use it up so I decided to make pesto! And since I only have a blender, which is not the same as food processor, I had to do it by hand.

This will serve as a warning and reminder to myself: stop using the blender thinking you’ve outsmarted it! The hummus came out okay because I shook it the whole time but that was pretty annoying… Not to mention how much trouble it is to clean.

I have actually grown to like chopping up my own pesto because it doesn’t require as much olive oil as the processed kind. I just usually put a tablespoon at a time until it’s a consistency and taste I like.

This is also not a recipe. This is more like, an affirmation that yes, you can make a parsley and cilantro parsley with whatever nut you have at home. But I will go through the steps of what I went through, just in case I forget later… and don’t trust myself. Because I swear to god I’ve made a pesto like this before but as I sat there and stared at the parsley, it seemed like a terrible idea.

Herb Pesto

Herb of your choice
A clove of garlic
A handful of nuts
Parmesan cheese of some kind
Olive oil
Kosher salt/sea salt/flaky salt

  1. Toast your nuts! I was cooking something so I just popped in a handful of raw almonds into the oven with it. Once I could smell the almonds, I took them out immediately, let them cool, and chopped them up. Not super fine though, because I wanted to be able to taste it.
  2. Chop up your clove of garlic then sprinkle an abrasive salt on it like kosher salt. Take a fork and mash them up until they are a paste. The abrasive salt helps with the mashing so that there are no huge chunks of garlic in your pesto! No matter how much you think you love garlic… you want it mashed.
  3. Chop up your herbs! Not to the point that it’s all mush but just a nice chop, much like the nuts. I had parsley and cilantro so I used that. At first I was concerned whether I should be paying attention to how much parsley or cilantro there was but then I shrugged and just chopped whatever I had.
  4. Combine the nuts, garlic and herbs in a bowl and grate some cheese in there. I had Asiago so in they went!
  5. I added a tablespoon of olive oil at a time and mixed it up. I kept tasting mine after every tablespoon and I ended up with that. I didn’t add very much and for a second I thought about adding more because it looked…not like pesto, but I’m glad I didn’t. I could taste all the different ingredients, including the olive oil, but not only the olive oil. Yeah? Yeah.

I boiled pasta and tossed it with that pesto and Andrew ended up inhaling his plate. I also stuffed a pork chop with it and we both stopped talking to each other. I put it on top of our pizza with sausages and….

~~**\( ´ ∀` )/**~~


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