California / Garden

Oh the Possibilities!

Coffee is not helpful in pulling weeds, but he makes up for it by being so relaxed and cute when in the garden.

When Coffee was given to us for dog sitting, Andrew’s sister-in-law pointed out her old garden to me in case I wanted to plant stuff. Which, I do. But I have never planted/grown anything before so I didn’t know where to even begin! She was super helpful, telling me how much sun each part gets, what she planted before, etc. (^▽^)

There is life in the backyard!

In fact, her strawberry patches are still there! So are her grape vines, lemon tree, mint leaves… So many! I was super excited until I was pulling weeds and a bunch of ants were crawling all over the strawberry patches (#`д´)ノ

While I won’t be popping any strawberries into my mouth quite yet, it’s nice to know there’s a thriving garden in the backyard. And once I gather all my information (like what to do about the ants!) then I can start growing and maybe even eating it (´ ▽`).。o♡


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