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Pizza for breakfast? This is happening.

That’s right. This happened.

I topped it with bacon that crisped up in the oven, a zucchini, a little cheddar cheese, sliced red onion, and cracked an egg on top. After it was done, I sprinkled it with some parsley and it. Was. Amazing.

Kept me full for half the day!


Details (because everyone needs to make this): I had some frozen pizza dough that I topped it with a little leftover pizza sauce but don’t think it’s necessary! I made a different version today with just provolone cheese, bacon, and lima beans. LIMA BEANS! And it was equally delicious!

This pizza: Preheat oven to 450!

In a skillet, half fry bacon that has been cut into chunks. I didn’t crisp mine up all the way, just rendered some of the fat out. Discard some of it, leaving enough to saute a quartered zucchini.

After stretching the dough, spread a little pizza sauce on top. Scatter a handful of cheddar cheese, halved grape tomatoes, bacon, zucchini, and sliced red onions. After, crack an egg on top.

Shove in the FULLY PREHEATED OVEN until crust is golden brown. The egg doesn’t have to be fully cooked because it will continue cooking once you take it out of the oven so don’t fret. Unless you want a fully cooked egg, then cook away! Sprinkled parsley and green onions after!

This morning, I made a different version for one without pizza sauce. I chopped a slice of provolone cheese, topped with sliced red onions, chopped bacon, thawed lima beans (I put 1/4 cup of lima beans in water…), and cracked the egg on top.

I didn’t half fry the bacon so near the end, I peaked and saw it was greasy so I used a paper towel and patted some of the grease off. Perfect! Now I don’t have to waste a skillet next time, muahaha!

The lima beans were soft and were creamy on top of the pizza! Honestly half the individual pizza was enough for me. (Made from a batch of Budget Bytes that I divided in four and froze.)


4 thoughts on “Pizza for breakfast? This is happening.

  1. Holy shit. I can’t even wrap my head around how delicious that looks.

    Did you come up with this yourself in a flash of scrumptious inspiration?

    Thanks for sharing!

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