Beef / Food

The Perfect Steak

I know that’s a pretty brave claim, cooking the perfect steak. But when I bought a two pound rib eye steak and a cast iron skillet, I was not going to accept failure. I did my research and I went with tips from Serious Eats.

I preheated my pan until it was smoking hot and salt and peppered my steak right before I put it in the skillet. I watched a clock and flipped it literally every 30 seconds. Even when Andrew and I ran around like headless chickens when the apartment filled with smoke and the fire alarm went off, I still made sure to flip it so it cooked on both sides evenly. It seemed rare once it came out of the skillet but after I tented it with foil for five or more minutes, it was perfectly cooked.

I can’t cook meat very well. They’re always underdone or overcooked so I was pretty proud.


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