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Did you know pita bread could taste like this?!

After all my complaining, it’s happened — I am employed full time!

While a door closes, another one opens eh? Because of my new found employment, which I will be eternally grateful for, I finally understand how little time people who work enjoy time outside of the office. And how quick, easy meals are absolutely essential.

Gone are my weekdays filled with experimenting! It has now been replaced with whipping up something delicious before I fall asleep. Thankfully, all those days of cooking has come in handy because I can actually whip stuff up fast since I’ve made it so many times! In fact, the Sunday before I started my first day, I baked pita bread and English muffins at the same time so that we had delicious, fresh bread during the week.

Wow, that was time consuming, even with all the practice. But as I sat in my cube and ate a pita bread filled with cucumbers, red bell peppers, radish, hummus, and feta cheese, I knew it was worth it.

The first time I made Budget Bytes pita bread, I was so frustrated because it kept sticking to the counter. When I pried it off, one side of the bread had been stretched out and stays flat while the other, thicker side puffs up beautifully.

I finally found the easiest way to get nice, big, puffy bread: place that dough between parchment paper! I don’t have a proper rolling pin so I use a bottle of wine for now and it was just not working out. However, between two sheets of parchment? Perfection every time!

Okay, not exactly perfection but it’s close enough to a circle.

..oh who cares, it looks rustic like this anyway.

The point is, it’s nearly impossible to go back to store bought after this. And I don’t just throw that statement around – I am not afraid to go back to store bought when pressed for time. A nap instead of baking for a couple bucks? Hell yeah!

But as we walked around the bakery aisle and I looked at the pita bread, I remembered how uniformly… cardboard-y they felt and tasted. Sure they had beautiful pockets to shove pounds of stuff in but homemade pita bread actually tastes like bread.

It’s… it’s unreal. I didn’t know pita bread could taste like that.

I really hope you see for yourself one weekend.

Seriously. Unreal.


Please let me know how your bread adventure goes! I’m curious to see if anyone will be as surprised as I was that pita bread could taste like…real bread.


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