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Curing home sickness: Neri’s Bakery

Living at home for most of my life, I never had the chance to miss home cooked meals. Especially Filipino ones. Now, after being in Los Angeles for almost half a year and getting my fill of cooking whatever I want, I really, really miss my mom’s food.

To get my fix, I searched for Filipino restaurants. My first stop was Neri’s Bakery near downtown L.A. It was cafeteria style, where you go up to the counter and order. I got the combo plate where you can choose two items and got the crispy pork belly and caldereta, which is a beef and potato tomato based stew. While I prefer my mom’s version (of course), theirs was tasty!

Andrew got the tapsilog, which is tapa with two fried eggs and rice. Tapa is basically thinly sliced beef marinated in…whatever and fried. Their tapa was sweet while my moms was marinated with plenty of garlic and vinegar and fried to a crisp  (´∀`)♡! But for both meals for a total of ~$12, it was a steal.

I can’t wait to try other Filipino restaurants and this was a great start to my search!

I should also start learning to cook Filipino meals at home…


One thought on “Curing home sickness: Neri’s Bakery

  1. Aww, you’re starting to feel homesick? You should call up your mom and get her to tell you her recipe/methods! I bet you’ve watched her enough times to figure it out from there. Then, you could write it down and share it with me, which would be fabulous. :)

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