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Living at work and a tasty dinner of Yuko Kitchen!

Bear with me… I know this breakfast doesn’t look appetizing but that’s because I had to put it in tupperware instead of eating it in my beautiful bowl. At home. But I was running late (for some reason I would rather sleep…) and had to dump it in a container. It’s a delicious hash made with sweet potatoes, beets, and eggs. It was a very hearty, tasty, breakfast but lemme tell you the mistake I made. Using canned beets made me sad because it was a little mushy… Learn from my mistake friends.


Don’t use the canned beets.

(Recipe can be found here) If it doesn’t blow your mind, fret not! I have a different flannel hash recipe that will knock your socks off!

Was this lunch?

No, but I had to point it out. It was my first bacon topped cupcake and it was divine. I had no idea it would go well with cupcakes! It added a nice saltiness to the sweet, maple flavored frosting. Yum, yum, yum!

It was a particularly long night so dinner was ordered in and we got Yuko Kitchen! (●´∀`●)

I love this place because their food is so simple and reminds me of stuff I make when I want something easy to assemble. I absolutely love their rice bowls! They come with a salad on one side of the bowl and the rice with the topping on top on the other side. The one above is the unagi bowl (~$11), very tender with such a tasty dressing on top of a simple salad!

When Andrew and I went back for dinner one night, I tried their crispy rice with spicy salmon (~$4) and it was my favorite crispy rice and fish topping. And that’s a pretty bold statement because I have gotten to try some of the best in L.A. Their crispy rice is thicker so while it has the crispiness, it’s so thick there’s still chewy rice inside with a huge and delicious serving of spicy salmon on top. Omahgah, it was so good.

I’ve also tried their taco bowl (~$9) that was topped with ground beef mixed with chickepeas and wonton crisps. That was such a genius and filling bowl that I had enough for two meals.

It’s reasonable that I want to eat their whole menu one day, right?

Yes. Yes it is.


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