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Copycat Taco Bowl

One late work night, Andrew and I went over to Yuko Kitchen for dinner. I got to try one of their combo plates! This one was the Beef Plate and came with a salad, little cup of soup, a dessert of some kind, seasoned ground beef over rice, and, the best part, spicy salmon crispy rice cake!

Their crispy rice cake is seriously the best, om nom nom nom!

I’ve eaten a lot of things on their menu and I’ve yet to be disappointed! Their taco bowl is also a stellar choice. It seemed plain on paper but omg, delicious so I decided to make a copy cat version at home!

Their bowl was a mix of seasoned ground beef and chickpeas with wonton strips and sour cream on top of rice with a side of salad in the same bowl.

I kept it simple with just the ground beef and chickpeas.

I always try to keep a stock of homemade frozen chickpeas in the freezer so that’s easy. Some ground beef, garlic, onion, homemade taco seasoning on top of some rice?


And I can totally see it transforming into a vegetarian dish of just chickpeas :)


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