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Meat Paradise in Burbank: Cafe Colombia

After a day of Ikea shopping, Andrew and I finally got to try this cute little restaurant suggested to us by some friends. It’s called Cafe Colombia and even though we didn’t order anything really unique, it was so delicious!

We split an empanada (not pictured) that was alright, but it came with the most amazing sauce made of cilantro, scallions, and lime juice. I ended up asking for more and putting it on everything I ate.

Everything. I dream of that aji sauce.

For the entree, I got the pork shoulder that’s been breaded and fried. I thought it would be tough but the description was accurate — it was crisp, crisp, crisp on the outside and moist inside. My mind was blown because it was a thinner cut so I really didn’t expect it. Nom nom nom!


Andrew was even less adventurous as he got the sirloin cap steak or whatever. He did get it with fried plantains. He asked for a medium rare but pretty much got rare and he was a little frustrated because it was so under-cooked (but it looked perfect to me, muahahaha!)


I dream of the day I get to return to this place. I can’t wait to try their other dishes! The waitress told me her favorite was the oxtail soup but I was craving meat, not soup. The service was a little slow but it was busy and they were so nice. In the end, I asked for more aji sauce and offered to pay for it to be packed with my leftovers and she said it’s no problem! :)

I want to eat it all. Smothered in the green sauce.


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