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Substantial Breakfasts: Behold, the Morning Sandwich(es)!

Lately, I feel like my breakfasts haven’t been keeping me full. Or, at least as long as I need it to in the morning and through some of the afternoon. Then a co-worker asked me what I had for breakfast and pointed out I wasn’t eating enough protein in the morning.


After that, I bought a pack of turkey bacon (because I’ve also been curious).


I picked up a pack of multi-grain wraps because I wanted to experiments with different wrap fillings. I rolled up a couple slices of turkey bacon, egg, sauteed onion, and I wanted a veggie of some kind and the only things I had were radishes and tomatoes so in they went too! It was very tasty and kept me full well into the afternoon, without even trying to look for snacks yay!


I had sooooo many BLTs with my turkey bacon (sometimes as a BLAT, sometimes without a T, once time without a B) and this is… kind of one as well. Toasted 12-grain bread, a wedge of Light Swiss Laughing Cow, tomatoes, cucumber, and turkey bacon. I know, it doesn’t look like it’s for breakfast but I didn’t want an egg in my sandwich and swapped it with whatever vegetables I had instead. To be honest, I felt like I could have stopped eating after half of this sandwich but I knew I was going to be out for half of the day. I could have wrapped up the other half for later but I decided that was too much of a hassle. Thankfully, it did the job as I was full for half of the day! (I mean, I almost bought a hot dog at around 1p-2p at a new food stand that opened but instead I continued walking and shopping at the Farmer’s Market.)

Since I’ve been trying to be better at keeping track of the food I eat (for both calorie and sugar intake), both of these breakfasts clock in at around 400 calories or less. Usually I think that’s too much for one meal since I try to break up my eating schedule and calories to five small breaks/meals but this sandwich takes care of me for six hours so I can’t complain.


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