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It’s-almost-summer lunches! Turkey burgers and steak sandwiches

Ground turkey was on sale again. I can never say no… Plus, I get to use my cast iron grill. I love it so much when it makes pretty grill marks!


TURKEY BURGERS! I pretty much made it the same way I made the turkey hamburger (ハンバーグ), complete with the bacon pieces that made it juicy inside with minced garlic. I had some leftover homemade whole wheat ciabatta that I grilled up, spread some pesto on it, and BAM! With a salad? Perfect filling lunch (─‿‿─)

On mine, I topped it with grilled jalapenos, chopped sun-dried tomatoes, and goat cheese.


On my friend’s, I kept it simple: melted cheddar and grilled onion. Two thumbs up apparently!


The pesto was seriously so good on the homemade ciabatta…. It was equally delicious on the steak sandwich I made last week.


I grilled up a steak, with hopes of making a badass steak sandwich. Dream achieved! Goat cheese, grilled onion, pesto, and spinach.

I love you pesto.


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