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Adventures in breakfast – tacos?

Egg and Chorizo!

Genius breakfast idea?

I made a yellow cake last week and used sour cream as a base for the frosting. (Side note: it was so fun, I think I’m going to start adventures in baking and frosting!) There was some leftover sour cream and there are only so many ways to use it up. The easiest way for me being tacos.

I made shrimp tacos for lunch (no pictures :<) but that only used up three of my stack of corn tortillas. So now I have sour cream and corn tortillas… I would go through them quicker by eating it for lunch but we had lunch meetings and after work events every day this week. I hate wasting food so I tried to figure out a way to integrate these two into breakfast meals.

Breakfast tacos?


Ham and Egg with Spinach

Ham and Egg with Spinach

The first one I made was with sauteed spinach with garlic. I added some chopped Canadian bacon and scrambled the egg in! Topped it with some leftover pico de gallo, sour cream, and consumed.

Egg and Chorizo with Avocado

Egg and Chorizo with Avocado

This morning was an even bigger winner. I fried up some chorizo, cracked an egg in the pan, and scrambled it all up (less dishes to wash). Topped it with some lightened coleslaw, chopped onion, avocado, and sour cream.

I’m not sick of tacos yet but there’s so many tortillas and sour cream left… Hopefully it’ll inspire me to blog more again!


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