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Adventures in breakfast – a week of omelettes!

Breakfast Scramble!

Whole egg with spinach, cherry tomatoes, and sliced white onions

After my morning runs, I’ve been cooking myself heartier breakfasts. It’s nice because I’m full for a few hours and I know that I got plenty of protein for my day! I get tired of just carbs and protein for breakfast, like eggs and toast, since I don’t feel full enough so I like being able to integrate greens to help.

Breakfast Scramble with Bagel

Whole egg with arugula, chopped roma tomato, and white onion

Egg White + Turkey Keilbasa

3/4 cup of egg whites with 2 ounces of turkey keilbasa along with sliced onions and sun-dried tomatoes

To reduce calories and fat, I bought a container of egg whites. It wasn’t as bland as I expected and I like being able to have an egg binder with less cholesterol.

The thing is though, for one person to go through a container of egg whites that expires in 7 days means I had an omelette everyday and that got boring after awhile. I liked that I was able to throw wilting produce in it every morning but it got old after awhile. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll be interested in hopping back on the egg white train. For now, I’m going to explore other breakfast ideas (but it was a fun week).

Spinach and Egg White Scramble

Egg whites, sliced red onions, arugula, and blue cheese with homemade wheat bread!

How long does it take you guys to go through a carton of egg whites? Any suggestions for other egg white uses?


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