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Quickest way to make mixed rice

So I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a friend tagged in a picture at a Korean BBQ place. Cool, cool… but then I realized that it was not a usual grill in the picture. The restaurant had a moat type thing around the grill. Whaaa?!

So I yelped the place, it’s called Kang Hodong Baejeong. I watched the video on the page and while everything looked delicious, what caught my attention was when the waiter took a golden box of rice, vegetable, and a fried egg and shook it vigorously. When he opened the box, it was a delicious mixed rice dish.


I had to try it. I roasted carrots, shiitake mushrooms, and a zucchini last week but didn’t feel like eating it after, so I had that laying around. I threw in a cup of white rice (that I previously froze from a batch of rice cooking), with some neglected romaine lettuce, thinly sliced onions, seaweed, and cabbage kimchi. I think it would have been good with just these veggies but I had bulgogi yesterday so I threw that in too! After frying a sunny side up egg, I put a lid on the container and shook like crazy. Was this really going to work?

I opened the lid and was delighted by the sight of a mixed rice! The rice was tinted red by the kimchi and creamy from the egg yolk. Another new way to use up leftovers, yay!



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