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After Holidays (and More) Reset


My eating habits these past few months has just royally ruined me. It started with over indulging during the holidays: eating when socializing, eating with my family, and no exercise. Soon, meals that used to fill me up don’t feel enough so I keep eating and end up uncomfortably full. Meal after meal, day after day, that uncomfortable fullness is suddenly what I crave.

Three months later and I still haven’t fallen back into my habit/routine so I’m trying to find a way to ease back into it. I don’t want to a cheat day because I don’t want to always look forward to that day. It’s also where the downhill slide happens. I get a taste of the decadent stuff and I can’t stop! I just tell myself that tomorrow, tomorrow I’ll do better. I think I have to go cold turkey back into the good habit.

It has also been a struggle getting back to my regular workouts. After being dumped, I was able to channel anger into running, which is funny because I always thought that was a myth. (Using anger to run? PSH – I would just get angrier having to run!) I found myself jogging since it was free and convenient. As I ran, my mind would wander and one of the things that kept coming up was the end of my 3 year relationship. I’d find myself reliving happy times, where things went wrong, what could I have done better… Then I’d look up and I was done with my run! Oh, I just outdid my last mile time! The same thing was happening when I ran on the treadmill — I felt like a juggernaut.

I’m not angry anymore. It doesn’t feel like I have the same fire when I run now. I feel like my 30 minute runs have been harder to get through and as I struggle, I see women and old men running next to me with speeds 6.5-7.0 so I think I’ve found my new drive: I want to run longer, and faster.

With these new plans nailed down, hopefully it can get back into the swing of things.

Oh! I also want to read a bunch of books, balance my social/work life, and write more. HAHAHAHA!

But seriously, I think this is my resolutions post three months too late.


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