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Double Coconut Muffins

The sun is shining today in LA after the rainy Friday and so it only felt right to make these double coconut muffins.

I was actually never a big coconut fan growing up. Throughout the years, and several coconut macaroons later, my mind changed. It was also a moment I realized I was growing up and my taste was changing. Not that I’m out searching for coconut water, but I started to enjoy coconut flakes in say, my morning oatmeal.

These muffins are from Smitten Kitchen and are almost cake like since it has a very soft crumb. She did sneak in some whole wheat flour so we can all call it muffin. I can’t do pastries as breakfast but this will be such a delicious snack or dessert treat for the next few days. Maybe with some tea?

Smitten Kitchen’s Double Coconut Muffin

I do want to make some edits on this recipe in the future:

  • You could get away with less coconut flakes. It wasn’t an overwhelming amount when using a full 90 grams but it can help the calorie count. I used unsweetened coconut and the muffins tasted sweet enough too.
  • I didn’t have the full 110 grams of coconut oil and got away with using 82 grams. Maybe I will substitute with other liquids to make them healthier.
  • Swap the full fat Greek yogurt to less fat, just out of curiosity.

4 thoughts on “Double Coconut Muffins

    • Right, out of sight out of mind! I think growing up, the only coconut I ever ate was coconut milk in my mom’s stews. Those were delicious because it was not the prominent flavor but I didn’t appreciate what it added enough. Hope you get a coconut fix :)

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