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Natto Brand Reviews

I love natto! I love natto mixed with green onions on top of steaming hot white rice and a bright yellow yolk in the middle with a dash of Maggi on top.

However, I have learned the hard way that not all natto is created equal. There are some natto brands, and even textures (whole bean versus cut), that I enjoy. The sauce packets included in these packages also play a huge part in the natto experience and I have started to lose track of the good and the bad.

With that in mind, I want to start a series of natto brand reviews. This is for you natto lovers!

…But mostly it’s for me.


  • Sauce packet was thick and very sweet
  • Beans were whole and big so lots of texture. Could feel the bean as I bit into it
  • Not overwhelming in that natto flavor


  • Whole beans as well
  • Sweet sauce packet but not as overwhelmingly sweet as the other one. This one was saltier.
  • Milder flavor. I want a more robust natto flavor than what this brand has to offer.

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