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May with Isaac

The most important reason I started this blog is that I’m living away from my family,  and I miss them a lot. I cooked for them almost every day and I worry that all they eat are rice and hot dogs. Despite how delicious those are, it’s not healthy and I worry. So here I am attempting to share recipes with them and putting it simply so they can follow it (not to mention my recipe notebook and gmail are full). Fun fact: I have given them a link to this blog before and I like to think they use it.

I’ve also become alarmingly aware of the things I eat and what it does to my body as I’ve grown older. Having a desk job means I really have to be aware of the food and portions I eat. The unfortunate thing is that I’m obsessed with food — I can’t believe how NOT tired of it I am. Reading about it, learning about it… I need to curb it somehow and this has become one of my outlets.

Finally, despite all the different ways I searched for a blog that had what I wanted to see, I couldn’t, so I figured I’d just do it myself.

A picture of friendship and advanced editing skills

Just so you know, these pictures are all taken from my iPhone – this is a fun hobby and journal. Welcome!



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